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Random Hadeeths:

‏الآداب : Hadeeth No:5357
Abu Sa'id reported that Abu Musa al-Ash'ari came to the door of 'Umar and sought his permission (to get into his house). Umar said: That is once. He again sought permission for the second time and 'Umar said: It is twice. He again sought permission for the third time and Umar said: It is thrice. He ...

‏السلام : Hadeeth No:5504
'Abdullah b. 'Abbas reported: Umar b. Khattab set out for Syria. As he came at Sargh (a town by the side of Hijaz on the way to Syria), there met him the commander of the forces, Abu Ubaida b. Jandb, and his companions. They informed him that a scourge had broken out in Syria. Ibn 'Abbas further rep...

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