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Introductory Materials
  Clarification of the Doubts
Author: Shaikh Muhammad Bin `Abdul-Wahhaab
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The ancients did not regard Allah in the fashion of tawhid, where He alone would be Creator, Provider, Forgiver and Ruler. They meant by the term 'God' what modern associationists understand by the term 'lord' or 'master.' That is why the Prophet -- Salla slllahu 'alauhi wa sallam -- came to call them to the genuine meaning of tawhid, not to the literal meaning current among them which was already on the lips of the associationists and other ignorant people. All of these knew at once what the Prophet intended, namely, restriction of all attachment to Allah alone, of all dependence upon him exclusively, of denial of all other beings beside Him and avoidance of them. For when He commanded them:

"Say, There is none worthy of worship but Allah," they answered, "Did He make all the gods into One? That is certainly something astounding!" Qur'an 38:5

When it is kept in mind that the unbelievers knew all this only too well, is it not very strange indeed for a person to claim he is a Muslim while not knowing as much of his religion as the unbelievers of Makkah knew; while he pays lip service to the letter of the confession of faith without believing any,thing of its meaning, without committing himself thereto. The precocious among such moderns believe that tawhid means merely the belief that Allah is the sole Creator, Provider and Ruler. Are not the plebeians among the unbelievers more knowledgeable, and hence worthier, than him?

If all this is perfectly clear to you, and you have come to know with certainty the nature of unbelief of which Allah said:

"Allah will not forgive man's association of aught with Him; but He will forgive anything lesser than this offence to whomsoever He chooses," Qur'an 4:47, 115

and you have known for sure the nature of the religion which Allah sent all the prophets to teach, the religion for which He accepts no substitute; you would realize the abyss of ignorance to which most people have sunk. This knowledge brings you two advantages.

First, the felicity of true guidance by Allah and the joy of receiving His blessing as the verse said:

"Say, it is with Allah's bounty and blessing [that I am rightly guided]. For such felicity it is legitimate to rejoice. For such felicity is worthier than all that they gather." Qur'an 10:58

The second advantage is that such knowledge generates in you the great fear of Allah. For knowing that one could lapse into unbelief by a loose word he may pronounce, even in ignorance -- you would be most careful not to let your tongue slip. ignorance in this provides no excuse. You would equally take utmost care not to fall into damnation, and hence not permit yourself to say what compromises tawhid while thinking that it may be drawing yourself closer to Allah, as the associationists did. Remember what Allah has related to us about the people of Musa (Moses). Despite their knowledge and righteousness, they came to him pleading:

"Make to us a god even as they have gods." Qur'an 7:137

Know that in His wisdom, Allah has not sent a prophet but set up for him opponents. He said:

"And thus, We have caused every prophet to be opposed by enemies, human and jinn devils, who inspire one another through guile and spread falsehood." Qur'an 6:112

Hence, the enemies of tawhid possess many a science, many books and arguments, as Allah said of them;

"When apostles came to them with certain knowledge and evidence, they exulted in the knowledge they had gathered." Qur'an 40:83

If the path to Allah, as you must by now have come to know, is necessarily hampered by enemies endowed with eloquence, science and argument, it becomes your duty to provide yourself with such) earning about Allah's religion as you may use to ward off the temptations of these devils whose chieftain and general said to your Lord -- May He be glorified:

"I shall straddle myself across the straight path leading to You and lie in wait. I shall pounce on them from their front and back, their right and left." Qur'an 7: 15-16

But if you come to Allah's side, listen to His arguments and proofs, then you have no cause to fear.

"Satan's strategy is forever weak." Qur'an 4: 75

The common man who belongs to tawhid will overcome a thousand men of knowledge of the associationist camp, just as Allah has said;

"It is Our soldiers who will have victory." Qur'an 37:173

The soldiers of Allah will conquer with logic and sound argument, as they do with sword and spear. The fear is for that adherent of tawhid who follows the path devoid of defensive arms, while Allah has favored him with the benefit of His Book which He made

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