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Introductory Materials
  Clarification of the Doubts
Author: Shaikh Muhammad Bin `Abdul-Wahhaab
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"A clarification for every point, guidance, mercy and happy tidings for the Muslims." Qur'an 16:89

No one comes with a false argument in this matter but the Qur'an contains its clear refutation. Allah said:

"They will not bring to you a parable but We shall bring you the truth and the better explanation of it." Qur'an 25: 33

Some exegetes held this verse to be generally valid, i.e., applicable to every false argument forever.

[The General Argument]

I shall report to you in the sequel some of the arguments of Allah's Book in answer to the allegations of associationists in our day and age. Their false arguments could be answered in two ways; one general, and the other specific. The former involves the great fact about the revelation which brings great advantage to whoever understands it. That is,

"It is Allah Who revealed to you the Book, wherein are clear verses -- the substance of the Book -- and others allegorical. Those whose hearts are doubtful pursue that which is allegorical, seeking interpretation and dissension." Qur'an 3:7

The Prophet -- Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam -- said, "If you see any pursue the allegorical verses of the Qur'an, then know that such are those mentioned in the verse. Avoid them forthwith."

An example of this occurs when an associationist defends his position by quoting the Qur'an.

"Verily, the friends of Allah [the saints] have no cause to fear nor shall they grieve." Qur'an 10: 62

Others hold that intercession is legitimate and that prophets have enough favor with Allah to warrant their intercession with Him. Others quote words of the Prophet -- Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam -- which they interpret to prove their false allegations. This they do while the true meaning of the passages in question may not be known to you. Answer such people: "Allah mentioned in His Book that those with doubtful hearts will leave the clear revelation and pursue the allegorical." Present them with the arguments we have elaborated earlier. Tell them that they acknowledged Him as Creator. He defined their unbelief as consisting of their attachment to angels, prophets, saints, while they claim,

"These are only our intercessory with Allah." Qur'an 10:18

That is a clear judgment which no one can alter or interpret away. It may be that the meaning of the words of the Qur'an, or of the Prophet, are unknown to me. But I am certain that Allah's words are not self-contradictory; that the Prophet's words never run counter to those of Allah. That would be a goodly answer, and will be appreciated only by the blessed of Allah. As Allah said: -

"None is granted it [right guidance] except the steadfast; none will obtain it except those of great fortune." Qur'an 41: 35

[The Detailed Argument]

As to the detailed answer, it will have to follow each particular objection the enemies of Allah marshall for misguiding men away from Allah. These objections and their answers follow.

1. They say, "We do not associate anyone with Allah. We witness that He alone is Creator and Provider, that He is the Source of our good and evil, that He has no partners; that Muhammad -- Salla salllahu 'alayhi wa sallam -- can by himself give us neither good nor evil, not to mention 'Abdul Qadir or others. But I am a sinner; and the righteous have a sake with Allah. I only ask of Him through them." Answer as before; Those whom the Prophet had fought had equally acknowledged all these facts. They realized that their idols were by themselves devoid of power, but that they used their favor and intercession. Recite to him the verses Allah has revealed in this connection and explain them to him.

2. If he argues: "These verses came to condemn idol-worshippers. How can you equate the saints with the idols?" Answer him, as before, since he distinguishes between the two, knowing that the idol-worshippers acknowledged the creatorship of Allah: "The idol-worshippers too claimed to call on the saints, idols and the righteous of whom Allah said:

"'Those unto whom they pray [i.e., the saints] themselves seek avenue to their Lord's mercy, compete in coming closer to Allah and fear His punishment,' Qur'an 17:57

The unbelievers also pray to Jesus, and his mother Mary, but Allah said:

"Isa, son of Maryam, is only a Prophet, like so many others that came and passed before him. His mother was a saintly woman. Both of them ate food like all humans do, See how We make the revelations clear for them, and see how they turn away!" Qur'an 5:78

Recite to him the verses:

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