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Random Hadeeths:

‏البيوع : Hadeeth No:3674
Abu Bakhtari reported: I asked Ibn 'Abbas (Allaah be pleased with them) about the sale of dates. He said: Allaah's Messenger (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) forbade the sale of dates of the trees until one eats them or they are eaten (i. e. they are fit to be eaten) or until they are weighed (or meas...

‏النكاح : Hadeeth No:3454
Hisham reported on the authority of his father that 'A'isha (Allaah be pleased with her) used to say: Does the woman not feel shy of offering herself to a man? Then Allaah the Exalted and Glorious revealed this verse:" You may defer any of them you wish and take to yourself any you wish." I ('A'isha...

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