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Random Hadeeths:

‏الطلاق : Hadeeth No:3596
Ibn Umar (Allaah be pleased with them) reported that Allaah's Messenger (may peace he upon him) forbade the selling and making a gift of the right of inheritance of a slave. Imam Muslim said: All the persons depend upon Abdullah b. Dinar in regard to this hadith....

‏النكاح : Hadeeth No:3389
Abu Darda' (Allaah be pleased with him) related from the Prophet of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) that he came upon a woman who was in the advanced stage of pregnancy at the door of a tent. He (the Prophet) said: Perhaps he (the man accompanying her) intends to cohabit with her. They said: Y...

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