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‏الذكر والدعاء والتوبة والاستغفار‏ (The Book of Remembrances, Supplications, Repentance and Seeking Forgiveness)

No. 6588

Abu Dharr reported that Allaah's Messenger (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) said: There is no believing servant who supplicates for his brother behind his back (in his absence) that the Angels do not say: The same be for you too.

No. 6589

Umm Darda' reported: My husband reported that he heard Allaah's Mes- senger (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) as saying: He who supplicates for his brother behind his back (in his absence), the Angel commissioned (for carrying supplication to his Lord) says: Amen, and it is for you also.

No. 6590

Safwan (and he was Ibn 'Abdullah b. Safwan, and he had been married to Umm Darda') reported: I visited Abu Darda's house in Syria. I did not find him there but Umm Darda' (was present at the house). She said: Do you intend to perform Hajj during this year? I said: Yes. She said: Do supplicate Allaah for blessings upon us, for Allaah's Prophet (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) used to say: The supplication of a Muslim for his brother at his back (in his absence) is responded so long as he makes a supplica- tion for blessings for his brother and the commissioned Angel says: Amen, and says: May it be for you too I I went to the bazar and met Abfi Dardi' and he narrated like this from Allaah's Messenger (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam).

No. 6591

This hadith has been narrated on the authority of Safwan b. 'Abdullah b. Safwan with the same chain of transmitters.

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