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‏الزكاة (The Book of Obligatory Alms)

No. 2174

Abu Dharr reported: I walked with the Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) on the stony ground of Medina in the afternoon and we were looking at Uhud. The Messenger of Allaah (way peace by upon him) said: Abu Dharr! I said: Messenger of Allaah, I am here at thy beck and call. He said: What I desire is that Uhud be gold with me and three nights should pass and there is left with me any dinar but one coin which I would keep to pay debt. (I love) to spend it among the servants of Allaah like this and he pointed in front of him, and on his right side and on his left side. We then proceeded on and he said: Abu Dharr. I said: At thy beck and call, Messenger of Allaah. He (the Prophet) said: The rich would be poor on the Day of Resurrection, but he who spent like this and like this and like this, and he pointed as at the first time. We again went on when he said. Abu Dharr, stay where you are till I come back to you. He (the Prophet) then moved on till he disappeared from my sight He (Abu Dharr) said: I heard a sound and I heard a noise. I said (to myself): The Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) might have met (mishap or an enemy). I wished to follow him but I remembered his command for not departing till he would come back. So I waited for him, and when he came I made a mention of what I heard. He said: it was Gabriel, who came to me and said:" He who dies among your Ummah without associating Anything with Allaah would enter Paradise. I said: Even if he committed fornication or theft? He said: Even if he committed fornication or theft.

No. 2175

Abu Dharr reported: I went out one night (and found) the Messenger of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) walking all alone. There was no man with him. I thought that he did not like anyone walking along with him. So I began to walk in the light of the moon. He, however turned his attention to me and saw me and said: Who is this? I said: It is Abu Dharr. Let Allaah make me as ransom for you. He said: Abu Dharr, come on. He (Abu Dharr) said: So I walked along with him for some time and he said: The wealthy persons would have little (reward) on the Day of Resurrection, except upon whom Allaah conferred goodness (wealth). He dispensed it to his right, left, in front of him and at his back (just as the wind diffuses fragrance) and did good with it (riches). I went along with him for some time when He said: Sit here. And he made me sit at a safe place and there were stones around it, and he said to me: Sit here till I come to you. He went away on the stony ground till I could not see him. He stayed away from me, and he prolonged his stay. Then I heard him as he came back and he was saying: Even if he committed theft and even if he committed fornication. When he came I could not help asking him: Prophet of Allaah, let Allaah make me ransom for you, whom were you speaking on the stony ground? I heard nobody responding to you. He (the Prophet) said: It was Gabriel who met me by the side of the stony ground and said: Give glad tidings to your Ummah that he who died without associating ought with Allaah would go into Paradise. I said: Gabriel, even if he committed theft and fornication? He said: Yes. I said: Even it he committed theft and fornication? He said: Yes, I again said: Even if he committed theft and fornication? He said: Yes, even if he drank wine.

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