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Hizbees (Biased Partisans)
  Imaam al-Albani on the Reality of Abu Ruhayyam
Author: ‘Azmee Al-Jawaabirah
Source: Trans. by Isma'eel Abu Maryam
Article ID : GRV130003  [15917]  

A Truthful Testimony

Verily from the causes of grief and sorrow upon this ummah is that many of its children continue to remain in their youth – not having been given a share from the knowledge of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah. Instead they promote some quotes from here and there. And you will see them establish a view and opinion based on that, gathering some of the common folk youth around it in order that they can all begin to disparage and defame the scholars of Islaam - those who have received testimony for their knowledge.

One of the reasons that led me to write this letter is that there are much bad manners being displayed towards the scholars, the mashaayikh and the students of Islamic knowledge. This is shown in their slandering and belittling of them as well as in their spreading of that which offends them. It is shown in their filling the common folk’s hearts with hatred towards them, their audacity in criticizing them and their denouncing of them.

In order that these biased statements about some of the people of knowledge from those who are not even that (i.e. people of knowledge) do not spread further, I will say these words, hoping that they are sincerely for Allaah:

I undertook a visit to the house of the Shaikh-ul-Islaam and the Muhaddith of the lands of Shaam, the great scholar, Imaam Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaanee – rahimahullaah – with the company of two noble brothers, Laafee Ash-Shatraat and Kaamil Jum’ah Al-Qashaash. This was about three and a half years ago from today’s date. So we asked him about some issues relate to Creed and Fiqh. And there occurred amongst these questions a request for an explanation of the current dispute between Dr. Muhammad Abu Ruhayyim and Shaikh ‘Alee Al-Halabee.

The answer that our Shaikh, rahimahullaah, gave was clear, lucid and strong:

“Indeed the brother ‘Alee Al-Halabee, in my opinion, is equal to one thousand and one of the likes of Abu Ruhayyim.”

Then he said: “Strange the affair of these people. The one whom you strive to meet with, he runs away from you. And the one who you do not strive to meet with, he comes to you and pesters you.”

Then he said: “I said to Abu Ruhayyim: ‘If your ‘Aqeedah (Creed) is the same as the Creed of the three Shaikhs whom you defend – and they are Ibn Baaz, Ibn ‘Uthaimeen and Al-Albaanee – then the ‘Aqeedah of brother ‘Alee is the same as their ‘Aqeedah. And if your ‘Aqeedah is contrary to that of brother ‘Alee, then I am prepared to sit with you despite the short time we have.’ And until this moment I have not received any response from Dr. Abu Ruhayyim.”

Allaah is witness to what we say, and we do not say this except for the purpose of speaking a word that is true and just, because some people have begun to attack him and raise those who are less than him.

And we are not trying to argue and prove the status of Shaikh ‘Alee with respect to our Shaikh Al-Albaanee, for he was one of his esteemed companions, one of his close brothers, and one of his beloved students. And these books of his[1] and tapes of his gatherings[2] are the greatest proof of this. Allaah alone is the One who grants success. And we do not say this except to realize the truth and cancel out the falsehood. And the last of our calls is Al-Hamdulillaahi Rabbil-‘Alameen.

Stated by the one in need of Allaah’s forgiveness: ‘Azmee Al-Jawaabirah

Witnessed by both Laafee Ash-Shatraat and Kaamil Al-Qashaash

Written on:

The 20th of Rabee’-ul-Awaal, 1422H (June 12, 2001)[3]


[1] As is found in several places in them, one of which is his description of him in his book Silsilat-ul-Ahaadeeth As-Saheehah (2/720) as being from among: “Our brothers who is strong in this knowledge.”

[2] A noble brother, Ahmad Ibn Saalih Az-Zahraanee posted a message on the As-Sahab MessageBoard over the Internet on 2/5/2001 entitled: “Abul-Haarith, since the very start I felt the jealousy!!” He wrote in it: “Yes, jealousy and not happiness. So we say why? Because of the strong love that I saw and heard from Shaikh Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaanee, rahimahullaah, towards you and his reliance in you and his closeness to you. Allaahu Akbar! By Allaah, the Shaikh would not speak on an issue nor would you be able to hear a gathering except that you would constantly hear: ‘Where is Abul-Haarith?’, ‘Let us hear Abul-Haarith’, ‘Yes O Abul-Haarith’, ‘What do you have (to say) O Abul-Haarith?’, ‘It looks as if Abul-Haarith wants to comment’, ‘…Is it not so, O Aul-Haarith?’ So I say: Congratulations to you O Abul-Haarith and how blessed this closeness and this knowledge is, O Abul-Haarith. If only I had your position, that would be better than the whole worldly life taken away from me. Whenever I hear these gatherings (on tape), I automatically remember the claim that Al-Halabee is not from the students of Al-Albaanee, and that he is such and such and that he is so and so!! So I laugh and say: What proof is greater than this? Rather I say: This is proof of Shaikh Al-Albaanee’s strong attachment, closeness and trust in Abul-Haarith. In fact, what I have gathered from these tapes is that Abul-Haarith was given knowledge and blessed in it, for he was quick-witted in responding in the gatherings of the Shaikh about information that only someone who is well-informed is able to do. In general…do not think that I am jealous of you! I am just describing the condition of some – but not all – of those who attack you. So my greetings to you and to all my brothers in the Al-Albaanee School.”


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