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Safar al-Hawali
  Al-Hawali, Al-Awdah and al-Qahtanee Lying Upon Imaam Ibn Baaz
Source: Tape recordings.
Article ID : GRV070022  [49390]  

Hear for yourself the heads of Qutubiyyah in Saudi Arabia, Safar al-Hawali and Salman al-Awdah, Muhammad Sa’eed al-Qahtaanee, blatantly lying upon Imaam Ibn Baaz, and then Imaam Ibn Baaz clarifying himself, and declaring those who lied upon him and distorted his words as “du’aat of fitnah” and “those who stir in the murky waters”.

Listen to the recordings here.

When the Scholars of Madinah came to know of the true and real orientations of the Qutubiyyah, those who had been poisoned by Mohammad Qutb and the fact that they were steeped in the teachings of the Heretical Innovator, Sayyid Qutb – and began to raise him and praise him, and when they began to advise them, and subsequently refute them – when they did not heed this advise, the Qutubiyyah began to slander and revile the Madinan Shaikhs and tried to cast doubts about them and then they tried to get some of the Senior Scholars to speak against them, by lying against them.

For full details and translations of these statements refer to GRV070002.


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