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Targheeb and Tarheeb
  Do You Really Want Paradise?
Author: Jawad Ahmed
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How easy it is for some to remain single and yet gaurd their chastity and protect themselves from fornication, while others are married and yet still indulge in adultery. Why? How easily some memorise ayats (verses) of Quran and Hadeeth, while others memorise the latest songs in the market and memorise the latest cuss words used on streets. Why?

You see brothers and sisters, for some of us it is very EASY to practice Islam, as Allah wants to practice, while for others it is very HARD to practice. The answer for this are the verses of Surah Al-Layl, because for those whom it is easy to practice Islam, Allah is making it EASY the road to Paradise, whilst for those whom it is hard to practice, Allah is making it EASY for them the road to Hell-Fire. So why is it easy for some to practice Islam? It is because they are lovers and seekers of Knowldege and not only that, but also act upon that knowledge, and thus Allah is making it easy for them their destination of Paradise.

Knowledge is the key and that is why our Prophet used to supplicate in every prayer,"Allahumma Inni Auzubikaa Min Illmin Laa Yanf'aau." O Allah! I seek refuge in you from Knowledge that does not benefit.

It doesn't benefit you brothers and sisters. For hours and hours you are sitting in front of that T.V. and its not benefitting you as its not leading you to Paradise. For hours and hours you waste time on bed-time novels or on magazines and newspapers in a month and yet it doesn't lead you to Paradise. When all that time you could have been studying Quran and Hadeeth or reading Islamic books instead of bed-time story novels and yet making easier for yourself the road to Paradise, and achieving it Insha Allah.

Not only does it not benefit you, but moreso it harms you. Hours and hours of those T.V. programs are not teaching you Quran and Sunnah, rather teaching you how to date, or how to hook someone from the opposite sex, or teaching you violence or foul language. Thus instilling evil and wicked ideas and things into your mind and heart, just for the pleasure of this temporary world, and making you further away from your destination of Paradise.

In conclusion, I say this brothers and sisters. We need to get our "cars" (Islam) fixed and focused on the right direction to our destination of Paradise. We need to pick up the "maps" (Quran & Hadeeth) and ask knowledgeable people (scholars/imams) for directions (road/path) to Paradise.

Was-salam, your helping hand and brother in ISLAM, Jawad Ahmed.

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