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The Ash`arees
  A Reply to a Jahmee : Keller Unveiled
Source: Prepared by Abu 'Iyad as-Salafi & Dawud Burbank
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35 Ibn al-Qayyim - may Allaah have mercy upon him - said: "As for the one who says that it is His Command that comes or that it is His Mercy and Command that descends then if he means that when He - the Most Perfect - descends and comes, His Mercy and Command [also] descend then this is correct and true. And if he intends that the Descent, the Coming and the Arriving for [His] Mercy and [His] Command is something other than [what has just been explained] then that is futile, from many aspects which have been mentioned previously - and to them shall we add some others. Amongst them: It is said: Do you mean by His Mercy and His Command, an attribute which is essentially a part of the Self (Dhaat) or is it something created and separate [from Him] which you have termed Mercy? If you mean the first then the descending of Mercy necessitates the descending and coming of His Self (Dhaat) absolutely, and if you mean the second then that which descends for the judgement of affairs, is [but] something created and brought about, it is not the Lord of the Worlds. The futility of this is known absolutely and it is clear falsehood. It would be correct [and more appropriate for them] to say along with that, that it is not He Who descends to the lowest heaven and Who comes for settling the Judgment, rather it is something other than Him that comes." Refer to al-Kawaashif al-Jaliyyah an Ma'aani al-Waasitiyyah (p.236)

36 In 'Dar ut-Ta'aarudh al-Aql wan-Naql' (1/121)

37 Sharh Aqeedatil-Waasitiyyah (1/94) of Ibn Uthaimeen

38 Sharh Aqeedatil-Waasitiyyah (1/100) of Ibn Uthaimeen.

39 Imaam Maalik (d. 179H) said: "Al-Istiwaa is known, and how is unknown, to have eemaan in it is obligatory and to question it is an innovation." Reported by al-Bayhaqee in al-Asmaa was-Sifaat (p.516) with the wording: "Al-Istiwaa is not unknown and how is unknown, to have eemaan in it is obligatory and to question it is an innovation." Ad-Daarimee also reported it in ar-Radd alal-Jahmiyyah (p.55).

40 Tuhfatul Ikhwaan fee Sifaatir-Rahmaan (p.36-38)

41 Al-Eemaan, Haqeeqatuhu wa Arkaanuhu (p.16) of Muhammad Na'eem Yaa Seen.

42 Nu'aym bin Hammaad (d. 228H), the teacher of al-Bukhaaree said: "Indeed, all that Allaah has described Himself with, or what His Messenger has described Him with, then there is no tashbeeh in it at all." Reported by Imaam adh-Dhahabee in al-Uluww (no.217).

So compare this with the claims and lies of this vile Jahmite and see where those favoured with knowledge and piety stand and where the worthless ignoramuses stand, and don't make one like the other!!

43 See Mukhtasir as-Sawaa'iq al-Mursalah (p.37)

44 And this is because he understood the Attributes with which Allaah has described Himself to be similar to those of the creation, so the anthropomorphism (tashbeeh) initiated in him and in his understanding and as such he is a disbeliever in the saying of Allaah:

There is nothing like Him and He is All-Hearing, All-Seeing [Soorah Shooraa 42:11]

And from this, the falsehood of the People of Innovation - when they say about those upon the way of the Salaf - that they commit tashbeeh but only seek to protect themselves by the saying: "But we do not know how" - is known. For the Ahl us-Sunnah are the furthest from committing tashbeeh.

45 Aqeedatul-Muslim of Abu Bakr al-Jazaa'iree (p.111)

46 Ilaaqatul-Ithbaat wa Tafweedh bi Sifaat Rabbi-Aalameen (p.19) of Ridaa bin Na'saan.

47 Ilaaqatul-Ithbaat wa Tafweedh bi Sifaat Rabbi-Aalameen (p.19) of Ridaa bin Na'saan.

48 Abu Uthmaan as-Saaboonee (d. 449H) said: And I heard al-Haakim Abu Abdullaah saying: I heard Abu Nasr Ahmad bin Sahl al-Faqeeh of Bukhaaree saying: I heard Abu Nasr bin Salaam al-Faqeeh saying: "There is nothing more severe [burdensome] upon the Ahl ul-Ilhaad (the People of Deviation) and nothing that is more detestable to them than listening to hadeeth and its being mentioned with its isnaad (the chain of narrators)." Aqeedatus-Salaf wa-Ashaabil Hadeeth of Abu Uthmaan as-Saaboonee and and also al-Khateeb in Sharf Ashaabil-Hadeeth (p.73-74)

49 May Allaah have mercy upon you! Of the Ahl ul-Bid'ah beware for these are their outstanding and distinguishing features, by which they mislead and misguide the unsuspecting...leading them astray and directing them to the Blazing Fire:

i) selectively quoting from the Salaf

ii) not being concerned about its reliability or authenticity

iii) not looking at the firmly established positions of those scholars from whom they narrate,

iv) in other than what they have chosen to narrate from such scholars.

And that this has been the path of this Jahmee is clear enough...

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