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`Abdur-Rahman `Abdul-Khaliq
  Concerning the book Jamaa`ah Waahidah of Shaikh Rabee` bin Haadee
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Then Imaam Ibn Baaz advised with the continuation of da'wah upon the manhaj of the Salaf, that which the Companions were upon and which the Salaf after them were upon, the likes of al-Awzaa'ee, Maalik, Ahmad and others were upon. And their methodology is not hidden to any Salafi (!!). He also advised with abandoning whatever opposes it (from the newly-invented matters and methodologies). And likewise he advised with engraging the Innovators, and to refute them, and to halt them at their limits, and to explain their false madhaahib. (but Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul-Khaaliq hates all of this, as we shall soon see, since he innovated Hizbiyyah into the religion of our Lord, and it was precisly on account of these matters that he showed enmity to Shaikh Rabee' bin Haadee, when the latter refuted him on these points). And all of what Imaam Ibn Baaz mentioned and advised the Kuwaitis with, is the very Manhaj of Shaikh Rabee' bin Haadee, word for word, letter for letter.

Then finally the Imaam said he would write to Shaikh Rabee' with some advice.

The Shaikh's Own Clarification
The Biased Partisans, took this to mean a refutation and criticism of the book of Shaikh Rabee' bin Haadee. Then Ahl ul-Hadeeth wal-Athar, around  2 weeks later, went back to the Imaam for clarification and here are the Shaikhs words, translated directly from the cassette:

Question: In the name of Allah and all praise is for Allah. Today is the 27th of Ramadaan 1416H. The Question to be put to you is that we wish the noble Shaikh 'Abdul Azeez ibn Baaz-may Allah increase his life-span -the father, some people say that Shaikh ibn Baaz sent a treatise to some students of knowledge in Kuwait, explaining in that treatise that Shaik Rabee' in his book entitled :"Jamaa'ah Waahidah Laa Jamaa'aat " is a book containing error, and is a cause of discord amongst the youth, so did this or anything like this proceeded from you ?

Answer:  In the name of Allah, all praise is for Allah, and may Allah extol and send blessings of peace upon Allah's Messenger and his followers and companions who followed his way. To proceed:...... Rather this is a lie, and the book of Shaikh Rabee' :"Jamaa'ah Laa Jamaa'aat" - until now I have not read it .

Question: We hear O 'Shaikh about the jamaa'atut-tableegh and the da'wah which they carry out, do you advise to go off with this jamaa'ah . I hope for guidance and advise and may Allah give a great reward .

Answer: Whoever calls to Allah is one who conveys the message. Whoever calls to Allah is one who conveys the message. "Convey from me even if you only a single Aayah". So the well-known Jamaa'atut Tableegh of India have some innovations and matters of SHIRK, so it is not allowed to go out with them except for a person who has knowledge to go out with them.... them to teach them as for his going out with them following them, then no since they have false beliefs and .... they a deficiency in knowledge. But if ..... Jamaa'atut Tableegh upon insight and knowledge, then he may go out with them to call to Allah. Or a person who has insight and knowledge and goes with them in order to ..... and censure and to guide them to good and to teach them - so that they may abandon the futile position and come to the position of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa'ah .(From the cassette 'Aqaa'id wa Afkaar Mashaayikhit-Tableegh)

Of course, what the partisans attempted to achieve was taken away from them. Then to increase them in their sorrow and their woes, six of the Mashaayikh actually wrote an introduction to Jamaa'ah Waahidah, including Shaikh al-Fawzaan, Shaikh Ahmad bin Yahyaa an-Najmee and others, from those who had read the book, and they made note of Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul-Khaaliq's assault against the Salafi Mashaayikh, and these assaults have been detailed in "Intermediate Qutubism" (GRV070004) so refer to it.

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